The JFBA has produced the following publications.

[1] White Paper on Attorneys

[2] JFBA brochure (published in April 2024)

The JFBA brochure (PDF File;7.5MB) illustrates the profile and major activities of the JFBA. 

[3] Journal “Jiyu to Seigi” (Liberty & Justice)

The JFBA has published its journal “Jiyu to Seigi” on a monthly basis and has sent it to all its members since 1950. “Jiyu to Seigi” is composed of special editions on current issues of legal practice facing the JFBA and local bar associations written by authors from various fields. The JFBA is proud of the high academic standard of “Jiyu to Seigi” as well. The journal is available for subscription to anyone, and its subscribers include many non-members.

[4] Nichibenren Shimbun (the JFBA Newspaper)

Since July 1974, the JFBA has published the “Nichibenren Shimbun” on a monthly basis. It is sent to all its members to report on various issues faced by the JFBA as well as its various events such as the General Meeting and the Convention on the Protection of Human Rights, and the JFBA’s other activities in general. The “Nichibenren Shimbun” is also available for subscription to anyone.

[5] Booklets/Books, etc.

The JFBA publishes booklets on various themes for the public, as well as research outcomes obtained through its human rights protection and other activities, in the form of books and collections of scholarly papers. Details are available at its website:

[6] JFBA PR Character “JAFUBA”

jafuba.png“JAFUBA” appears on the website, in booklets and posters, at events, and at other activities, as the JFBA’s promotion character, helping to inform the public about the JFBA and its member attorneys.

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