Statutory Committees [7]

(1) Committees established by the Attorney Act:

  • Qualifications Screening Board
  • Disciplinary Actions Committee
  • Disciplinary Enforcement Committee
  • Board of Discipline Review

(2) Committees established by the Act on Special Measures concerning the Handling of Legal Services by Foreign Lawyers:

  • Registered Foreing Lawyers Registration Screening Board
  • Registered Foreing Lawyers Disciplinary ActionsCommittee
  • Registered Foreing Lawyers Discipline Enforecment committee
Standing Committees established under the Articles of Association [5]
  • Human Rights Protection Committee
  • Practicing Attomeys Recommendation Committee
  • Legal Apprentice Training Committee
  • Election Supervisory Committee
  • Judicial System Research Committee
Special Committees established under the resolution of the Board of Governors [76]
  • Committee on Pollution Control and Preservation of the Environment
  • Committee on Prison Law Reform
  • Consumer Affairs Committee
  • Committee on Poverty
  • Committee on Children's Rights
  • Committee on Anti-Racketeering
  • Committee on Equality of Men and Women
  • Center for the JFBA Law Offices and Legal Counseling
  • Committee on Criminal Justice
  • Committee on International Relations
  • Committee on Criminal Law Legislation
  • Committee on International Human Rights
  • And others
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