If You are Arrested! - About Duty Attorney System -

If You are Arrested

If you, your family or friend is arrested, what will you do? People arrested will not be allowed to contact anyone they know and thus, they may feel scared. In a case like this, it is important to contact a lawyer immediately to obtain appropriate legal advice. 

Do You Know "Duty Attorney System"?

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations established the Duty Attorney System in collaboration with local bar associations throughout Japan. Under this system, you do not need to know any lawyers. If you just say at the police station, "Please call the duty attorney(toban bengoshi)", the police or court will make contact with the nearest local bar association and a lawyer will come to see you very soon. Further, the first time a duty attorney is called, there is no charge at all.

A duty attorney interviews you at a police holding cell without the presence of police officers, explains about your right and the future procedures and also makes contact with your family.

If you, your family or friend is arrested, please bring the Duty Attorney System to mind. It will certainly be of assistance to you.


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