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Japan Federation of Bar Associations

President’s Message

Kazuhiro Nakamoto
Kazuhiro Nakamoto, President of the JFBA



Welcome to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations ("JFBA").

The current situation in Japan is in the midst of major social changes including a declining population, need for fiscal consolidation, globalization, diffusion of IT, and further, the shift from the practice of lifetime employment to an increase in the adoption of non-regular employment, while institutional reforms are being required in every aspect of the society. On the other hand, as the international situation changes, intense discussions are taking place among people over the national security framework such as how to preserve the peace, whether or not to amend the Constitution of Japan. Under such circumstances, the roles of the judiciary, particularly the roles of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA), are becoming ever-more important.


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News Release
2017/12/06 Guidance for Gaikokuho-Jimu-Bengoshi Re: New regulations on ABS & Office Name of Geikokuho-Jimu-Bengoshi
2017/09/22 Symposium “Towards Formulation of National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights “
2017/09/04 White Paper on Attorneys 2016
2017/06/15 Statement on the Enactment of the Bill to Revise the Act on Punishment of Organized Crimes and Control of Crime Proceeds, including the Criminalization of Conspiracy
2017/05/13 ILAC Public Seminar "A Necessary Challenge: Building Resilient and Responsive Justice Institutions in Fragile and Repressive Countries"
2017/02/16 Opinion Concerning the Improvement of the Legal System of Japan to Implement the Paris Agreement
2017/01/19 Opinion Concerning Police Investigation Using GPS-Tracking Devices for Searching Individuals' Locations
2016/11/10 Statement on the Execution of the Death Penalty against Japanese Citizens by the Chinese Government
2016/10/07 Declaration for Maintaining Permanent Pacifism under the Constitution and Regaining Constitutionalism and Democracy
Declaration Calling for the Promotion of Sovereign Education as It Should Be: Nurturing the Qualities to Maintain a Democratic Society
Declaration Calling for Reform of the Penal System Including Abolition of the Death Penalty
2016/09/30 Statement on Proposed Amendments of the Legal Profession Act in Malaysia
2016/09/15 Opinion Calling for the Japanese Government to Formulate a National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights
Opinion Concerning the Legal Restrictions on Facial Recognition Systems
2016/08/18 Opinion Concerning the Concept of the Nuclear Damage Compensation System (summary)

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