Major Meetings/Events

[1] General Meetings/Extraordinary General Meetings

The General Meeting is the JFBA’s highest decision-making body held in May of each year. In the General Meeting, its annual activity report is delivered and a budget and financial results are deliberated, and declarations and resolutions on timely issues are adopted.
An Extraordinary General Meeting may be held when necessary.

[2] Conventions on the Protection of Human Rights

Provided that the mission of attorneys is the protection of human rights, the JFBA holds a Convention on Protection of Human Rights on an annual basis in order to contribute to research and studies on human rights issues and to promote dialogue regarding thoughts on human rights. At the Convention, reports on the JFBA’s human rights protection activities are presented and declarations and resolutions relating to human rights issues are adopted.

Together with the Convention, symposia are held on themes of important human rights issues with the participation of many attorneys and citizens.

[3] Judicial Symposia

The JFBA organizes judicial symposia for the democratic development and improvement of the judicial system and to make contributions to research, studies, and devising countermeasures to various contemporary issues. 

[4] Symposia on Reform of Attorney Practices

The JFBA organizes symposia on reform of attorney practices for the expansion and reform of its practices in order to sufficiently meet the needs of the public.

[5] Symposia on Criminal Defense by Court-appointed Attorneys

The JFBA organizes symposiums on criminal defense by court-appointed attorney, for further enhancement/reinforcement of the criminal defense and for expanding the government-funded defense system for suspects.

[6] Symposia/Training Sessions

The JFBA organizes numerous symposia on contemporary legal issues, and also organizes training sessions concerning attorneys’ ethics and the legal practices for its members. The JFBA has offered more than 300 e-learning courses for its members, aiming at various goals such as maintaining discipline and public morals and upgrading the skills of attorneys.

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