Reform of the Judicial System

Based on the Recommendations of the Justice System Reform Council issued in 2001, judicial system reform was implemented to achieve “justice that is familiar to the public, swift, and reliable.” With the commencement of the graduate-level law school system (started in 2004), the Saiban-in (lay judge) system (implemented in 2009), and the establishment of the Japan Legal Support Center (“Houterasu”) (started in 2006), significant results have been produced.

On the other hand, it has become clear that certain issues still remain. Several civil justice reforms were not incorporated in the latest reforms and remain unaddressed. Further, there are distortions due to the sharp increase in the number of legal professionals, while development of the infrastructure to satisfy the demand for legal services has not progressed.

While the JFBA has made efforts to realize judicial system reform for the smooth operation of the system, it will continue to reform and improve the legal system with citizens to expand the role of justice and realize a system which is familiar and accessible to the public.

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