Information for Prison Inmates


Information for Prison Inmates (4th Edition)(PDF;372KB)

Errata(English) (PDF;30KB)


Introduction to the Publication of Fourth Edition

For most inmates, it is the first experience staying in prisons. So, it is often difficult for them to solve the problems happen there.

Of course, the prisons provide the inmates with precautions or a guidebook. Such information, however, is not sufficient to prepare the inmates for imprisonment.       

This booklet consists of advice for the frequently asked questions which need more explanations. We hope this booklet will help the inmates understand more about the life in prisons and to solve their problems.

Since this is our first attempt to make this sort of booklet for the inmates, it may be insufficient. We will improve and revise this booklet, and so we welcome any written comments and opinions from you.   

If you wish to have a copy of the English version, please contact us. Both Japanese and English versions are available on our website.


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November 2016

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