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2024/04/25 Comment on the Enactment of the Act Partially Amending the Comprehensive Legal Support Act Concerning the Establishment of the Attorney Assistance System for Crime Victims and Bereaved Families
2024/04/01 President’s Message
2024/03/21 G7 Bars and Law Societies Statement on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2024/02/15 Declaration to Promote Diversity & Inclusion at the JFBA
2024/01/18 The 101st Seminar on International Human Rights: Business and Human Rights in Conflict - Case studies of Russian invasion of Ukraine and corporate responses
2023/12/14 Opinion Calling on the Media to Respect the Dignity and Privacy of Crime Victims and Give Sufficient Consideration to Their Situations and Wishes
2023/12/08 White Paper on Attorneys 2022
2023/12/07 Statement Concerning Advisory Panel’s Final Report on the Ideal Form of the Technical Intern Training Program and the Specified Skilled Worker System
2023/11/29 Statement Calling for an Immediate and Permanent Ceasefire against Israeli and Palestinian Militants, including Hamas, and Urging the Japanese Government to Work toward its Implementation
2023/10/06 Resolution to Achieve a Society Guaranteeing “Access to Medical Care” as a Human Right
2023/10/06 Resolution Calling for Improving and Enhancing the Functions of Family Courts to Protect the Human Rights of Local Residents including Children, Older Persons, and Persons with Disabilities
2023/09/04 Statement Concerning the Government’s Policy on Granting Special Residence Permits to Children of Deportation Evaders Born and Raised in Japan
2023/09/02 【2-4 Sep】The 4th LAWASIA Human Rights Conference 2023
2023/07/11 Statement on the Government of Japan's Attitude Declaration during the 4th Universal Periodic Review (UPR)
2023/07/06 Statement Concerning the Enactment of the Amended Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
2023/06/30 Statement Again Calling for Amending of the Legislation to Allow All Couples to Marry Regardless of Their Gender
2023/06/16 Resolution Calling for the Immediate Amendment of Part IV of the Code of Criminal Procedure to Enable Victims who Have Suffered Miscarriages of Justice to Be Rescued As Soon As Possible
2023/05/12 Opinion Calling for Actions Including Legislating for the Proper Management of Important Wetlands Toward Achieving the Conservation and Restoration Thereof
2023/05/10 Statement Calling for Proper Operation of the Bail System Concerning Enactment of the “Bill Partially Amending the Code of Criminal Procedure and Other Acts”
2023/04/29 Resolutions at the G7 Bars and Law Societies Roundtable(Japan)
2023/04/24 Comment on the Acquittal Ruling by the Supreme Court in a Stillborn Twins Abandonment Case Against a Former Technical Intern Trainee
2023/04/21 Statement calling for the Government of Japan to play an active role as host of the G7 Hiroshima Summit towards a "world without nuclear weapons"
2023/04/14 Opinion Calling for Legislation to Ban Discriminatory Speech and Behavior Based on Race, etc.
2023/03/20 Statement Regarding Ruling to Open a Retrial of the Hakamada Case
2023/03/13 Statement Welcoming the High Court’s Ruling to Uphold the Original Ruling to Open a Retrial of the Hakamada Case, and Urging the Public Prosecutors to Abandon Making a Special Appeal Against the Ruling
2023/03/09 Statement Opposing the Bill for Amendments to the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act
2023/03/03 Statement Regarding the Basic Plan for the Realization of GX and the Bill Promoting a Smooth Transition to the Decarbonized Growth-Oriented Economic Structure
2023/02/17 Opinion on Amending the Code of Criminal Procedure and Other Acts Related to Criminal Retrial
2023/02/16 Statement Protesting Discriminatory Comments towards Sexual Minorities and Calling for Immediate Legislation to Recognize Same-Sex Marriage
2023/02/16 Opinion Calling for Fundamental Reform of the Mental Health and Welfare System – Proposals on Short-Term Process Toward Abolishing the Involuntary Hospitalization Procedure
2023/02/16 4th Basic Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality at the JFBA
2023/02/09 Statement on the recommendations issued at the Fourth Universal Periodic Review of Japan by the United Nations Human Rights Council
2023/01/20 Opinion Calling for Conducting “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” and Enacting an Act and Creating a System which Guarantees Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights
2023/01/11 Letter of Request Seeking the Abolition of the Death Penalty System
2022/12/26 Statement Calling for Applying the Newly Introduced Article 3, Paragraph 3 of the Nationality Act in a Manner that Gives Maximum Consideration to the Human Rights of Affected Children, and Reviewing the Nationality System as a Whole
2022/11/24 G7 Bars and Law Societies Statement on the investigation of crimes in Ukraine
2022/11/16 Grand Design of Criminal Justice Reform for Preventing of Miscarriages of Justice (Enzai) 2022 Edition
2022/11/15 Proposal on a System Design for Alternative Punishment Following the Abolition of the Death Penalty
2022/11/09 Statement Calling for Reviewing the Bill for Amendments to the Act on Mental Health and Welfare for the Mentally Disabled
2022/11/09 Statement on the Concluding Observations of the United Nations Human Rights Committee
2022/09/30 Resolution Calling for Designing Systems for a Digital Society where the Right to Control Personal Information is Ensured in Order to Protect Human Autonomy and Democracy in a Digital Society
2022/09/30 Resolution Calling to Review the Policy for Geological Disposal of High-Level Radioactive Waste and Fulfill the Responsibility of Realizing a Sustainable Society for Future Generations
2022/09/30 Resolution Calling to Fully Redress the Victims of Eugenic Surgeries Performed under the Now-defunct Eugenic Protection Act
2022/09/30 Resolution Calling to Ensure the Rights of the Ainu People
2022/09/09 White Paper on Attorneys 2021
2022/08/18 Opinion Calling for Review of the Status of Forces Agreement between Japan and the United States and Improvement to its Framework
2022/07/26 Statement Strongly Protesting Today’s Execution and Calling for an Immediate Moratorium on All Executions and to Enact Legislation Immediately to Abolish the Death Penalty
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