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In order to further strengthen our engagement in international activities, the JFBA has developed a comprehensive, long-term international strategy entitled, the "MISSION STATEMENT ON INTERNATIONAL AFFAIRS" (available in Japanese and English versions).





February 18, 2016

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations



The JFBA, being an organization of mandatory membership, represents all attorneys in Japan and maintains a high level of self-governance and independence from any other authority. On the basis that attorneys in Japan are entrusted with the mission to protect fundamental human rights and to achieve social justice, the JFBA has sought to achieve the rule of law and the realization of peace. While recognizing that activities of people, as well as the economy underpinning them have been globalized, and that laws and legal systems have accordingly become internationalized, the JFBA is committed to continue to actively strive to enhance its reputation at the international level, bearing in mind its mission and based on the path it has taken.

The JFBA will provide institutional support to its members to facilitate effective engagement in public-interest activities and to expand fields of practice and activities based on the above-mentioned mission in the era of globalization and internationalization.

Specifically, such support includes the followings:

To make proposals and provide training on professional ethics of cross-border activities of attorneys; to engage in activities aiming at the universal achievement of the independence of attorneys, the rule of law, and fundamental human rights; to exchange and cooperate with bar associations and law societies in foreign countries and jurisdictions, international bar organizations, and international organizations, such as the United Nations; to address the needs of corporations and individuals inside and outside Japan that are recipients of legal services arising within internationalization; to provide support to strengthen the base for expanding the supply of legal services in the internationalized field; etc.


1.Activities relating to public-interest, human rights, achievement of the rule of law, etc.

(1) To contribute to strengthening and developing international human rights standards and international human rights mechanisms and to engage in activities that address human rights issues inside and outside of Japan and provide remedies for human rights violations.
(2) To enhance activities supporting the development of legal systems, training of attorneys, and establishing bar associations in foreign states.
(4) To train and expand a pool of attorneys with full expertise and strong experience in international human rights law and a pool of attorneys competent to participate in the activities described in (2) and (3) above.

2.Activities relating to the legal profession and the role of bar associations

(1) To accumulate and provide to our members knowledge and experience at the international level on the models of practices of attorneys and the models of bar associations in internationalized society in terms of regulation of practice, establishing of professional ethics for attorneys, etc.
(2) To actively engage in setting standards by strengthening our organizational structure to respond to internationalization, disseminating information internationally, and cooperating with international bar organizations and international organizations.
(3) To raise awareness of, respect for, and acceptance of diversity with regard to race, gender, and legal culture, etc. in the course of the above activities as well as to endeavor to reflect such diversity and geographical balance in decision making processes at the international level.

3.Activities to strengthen the structure to provide legal services to meet various legal needs in society

(1) To improve access to attorneys and the judicial system in Japan for both corporations (both Japanese and foreign corporations) and individuals (including foreign nationals and ethnic minorities) with regard to the legal services expected within internationalization.
(2) To train and expand a pool of attorneys with full expertise and strong experience with regard to the legal services arising within internationalization and to provide support to strengthen a base for expanding practice areas of attorneys.


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