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President’s Statement Strongly Protesting the Russian Federation’s Military Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as "Russia") has launched a military invasion against Ukraine.

The United Nations Charter prohibits the threat or use of force in international relations (Article 2, Paragraph 4). The military invasion by Russia is clearly in breach of this prohibition, and the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (“JFBA”) strongly condemns it.

Furthermore, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered troops operating nuclear weapons on high alert, constituting an overt threat of their usage. This conduct cannot be condoned as it tramples on the efforts made by the international society for the abolition and nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. This Russian military action should not be overlooked in terms of the principles of the Constitution of Japan advocating renunciation of war and respect for the right to live in peace.

The United Nations General Assembly held an emergency special session on March 2 (March 3 Japan time), 2022, and overwhelmingly adopted a condemning resolution on Russia with 141 countries voting in favor, 5 voting against and 35 abstaining.

The UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights reports heavy casualties of civilians including children caused by military aggression. Attacking civilians or civil facilities is in direct violation of the principles of international humanitarian law. We are deeply concerned about the lives, security and freedom of citizens in Ukraine.

On the other hand, some in Japan are speaking against the abolition of nuclear weapons. However, Japan is in a unique position to unwaveringly uphold the Three Non-Nuclear Principles, as the only country to have suffered nuclear devastation, under the pacifism of the Constitution of Japan, and the Government of Japan should strive to achieve the abolition of inhumane nuclear weapons.

Therefore, the JFBA, under the mission of lawyers of protecting fundamental human rights and achieving social justice, firmly condemns Russia for the military invasion of Ukraine, and calls on the Government of Japan to play a proactive role to quickly halt the military aggression as well as the threat of nuclear force and to resolve the conflict, premised upon the Three Non-Nuclear Principles.

March 4, 2022
Tadashi Ara
President, Japan Federation of Bar Associations

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