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Comment on Opening an Execution Room to the Public

Today, for the first time ever, the Ministry of Justice opened an execution room at the Tokyo Detention House to the mass media.


However, the Japan Federation of Bar Associations emphasizes that opening an execution room to the public is not a sufficient disclosure of information to allow the people to discuss whether the death penalty system should be retained or abolished. It is necessary to open basic information from various aspects, such as the standards for ordering executions, methods of executions, and the treatment of death row inmates.


The JFBA expects that national discussions on the death penalty will be further deepened. On this occasion, the JFBA hereby reiterates its strong request that the Japanese government introduce a moratorium on executions for a certain period of time until a thorough review of the death penalty system has taken place, including consideration of whether to retain or abolish the system and until all necessary reforms have been put in place.

August 27, 2010
Japan Federation of Bar Associations

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