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<COVID-19>Proposal on Providing Temporary Benefits in the Event of Emergency

January 21, 2021

Japan Federation of Bar Associations

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations compiled its “Proposal on Providing Temporary Benefits in the Event of Emergency” dated January 21, 2021, and submitted it on the same day to the Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications; the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare; and the Minister of Justice.

Summary of Proposal

In regard to the method of paying temporary benefits and other relief which are due in the event of emergencies such as major natural disasters and an outbreak of infectious disease (the “temporary benefits,” e.g. the special fixed amount benefits provided in May 2020), the State should establish the principles of providing the temporary benefits as described below and expedite the process of designing the details of the payment method to be readily available for the next provision of the temporary benefits, in order to ensure that there will be no confusion at the time of providing the temporary benefits and all citizens can receive the benefits promptly and without fail.

Principles of Providing Temporary Benefits:

1. In order to guarantee each individual’s right to receive benefits, the temporary benefits shall be paid by bank transfer addressed to a bank account in the name of the person who receives the benefits, or by cash payment made to the person.

2. For those who are placed in the Adult Guardianship System, the application documents shall be sent to their guardians, curators with authority to represent, assistants, or voluntarily appointed guardians, etc. so that these people can submit an application for and receive the temporary benefits.

3. For people who are in difficult circumstances to make an application for the temporary benefits—namely those who are hospitalized or held in confinement facilities, or homeless people—the procedure to file for the benefits shall be widely disseminated in an easy and understandable way. For these people, the healthcare facilities, the facilities, and support organizations shall also provide assistance for them to follow the process and the eligibility criteria for them shall be assessed flexibly in accordance with respective circumstances.

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