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Basic Policies for the Promotion of Civil Justice Reforms

March 27, 2011
Japan Federation of Bar Associations


About the Basic Policies

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) adopted the “Basic Policies for the Promotion of Civil Justice Reforms” on March 27, 2011, and submitted them to the Ministry of Justice and the courts.


Outline of the Basic Policies

There are issues which were proposed during the ongoing justice reforms which have not been addressed adequately. Issues especially remain in the areas of civil justice, including reform of the civil litigation system, fundamental reform of the administrative litigation system, and improvement of human and material resources in the justice system. The number of civil and administrative litigation cases in Japan is far too small compared to that in foreign countries, and the satisfaction level of users is not high. In order to move forward and improve the current situation in line with the “Secondary Judicial Reforms from the Viewpoints of Citizens,” reforms in the civil justice area should be promoted. Therefore, the JFBA adopted the basic policies to address the promotion of civil justice reforms as follows:


  1. In order to realize civil justice which is accessible and reliable for citizens, clear policies should be presented internally and externally as soon as possible, affirming that the JFBA will urge governmental ministries and agencies, as well as attorneys and bar associations, to actively advance civil justice reforms including:
    • improving human and material resources in the justice system, including increasing the number of judges,
    • enhancing civil legal aid,
    • lowering and fixing litigation fees,
    • improving access to civil justice, including developing attorney expenses insurance
    • reforming the civil and administrative litigation systems, and
    • reforming substantive civil laws, including legislation on liability for damages.


  2. The JFBA should immediately establish a new system within the JFBA to promote civil justice reforms.


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