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Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents in the COVID-19 Pandemic

We will provide online legal consultations in order to help foreign residents affected by COVID-19 Pandemic, such as trainees struggling with the financial issues, solve their problems.

For English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai, Vietnamese and Pilipino(Tagalog), interpreters are available for free.

Date & Time

(Fri&Sat)March,18 & 19, 2022 13h00 – 16h00 JST


Online consultation via Zoom/ By appointment only

Fee Free
Attendees Up to 15 slots per day ※Consultation time: Approximately 45min.

For the details, please check the attached flyer.


Please apply by Wednesday, March 2, 2022, from the following registration form.
※Depending on the situation, we may close the application earlier than the above date.
※When the consultation date approaches, we will email the applicant how to participate in the session.

Registration form


English (PDF;682KB)

Chinese (PDF;441KB)

Portuguese (PDF;354KB)

Spanish (PDF;345KB)

Thai (PDF;402KB)

Vietnamese (PDF;367KB)

Pilipino(Tagalog) (PDF;378KB)

Organizer Japan Federation of Bar Associations
Co-organisers Kanto Federation of Bar Associations, Kinki Federation of Bar Associations, Chugoku Federation of Bar Associations,Kyushu Federation of Bar Associations,Tohoku Federation of Bar Associations, Hokkaido Federation of Bar Associations, Shikoku Federation of Bar Associations



Privacy Policy

Your personal information will be strictly managed in accordance with the privacy policy of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations and will be used for the affairs of this event.
The obtained personal information may be statistically processed and analyzed, and the results may be published in a state where no individual will be identified.

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