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A conference co-presented by the IBA and the JFBA, supported by the IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum


IBA-JFBA Joint Conference titled Cross Border Legal Services in the Asia Region ‐ Developments and the Future

Date 12-13 November 2013
Place Tokyo, Japan
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This conference aims to look into the current status and the future vision of cross border legal issues, amid the rapid expansion of investments, transactions and movements of human resources in recent years in Asia-Pacific boosted by the economic development in Asia. To this end, the plenary session will explore the issues and challenges of offering cross border legal services in the Asian region, from multiple viewpoints from multinational law firms, Asia-based firms, smaller firms to local firms in the invested countries, in order to find the optimal solutions for the users in the region. The plenary sessions and thematic sessions will examine the issues and initiatives for promoting the rule of law through legal services.


Topics will include:

Cross Border Legal Services: Developments and the future of cross border legal services in the Asia
Impact of integrating gender perspective to legal practice: What we have achieved, now and beyond
International Comparison of Patent Litigation Practices
Cross-border M&A: Investment into Asia, Investment from Asia
Human Rights and Corruption: Responsible Business in Conflict-affected or Weak Governance Areas
The Differences Between Investment and Commercial Arbitration: Much Ado About Nothing or More Than Meets the Eye?
International Anti-Trust/Competition Law Practice, with a focus on Developments in Private Litigation and the Role of Attorneys in Private Practice Now and in the Future

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