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International Bar Association 3rd Asia Pacific Regional Forum Conference 25 - 27 November 2012 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Conference title

3rd Asia Pacific Forum Regional Conference

‘Southeast Asia and the Global Economy – Legal Developments’

Summary of the conference

This conference brings together experts from throughout the Asia Pacific region and beyond to discuss the current opportunities, issues, risks and practical considerations for investors and others doing business in Southeast Asia.


As the Asia Pacific region has rapidly recovered from the recent global financial turmoil, many of the emerging markets in Southeast Asia present compelling opportunities for foreign investment, finance and trade. At the same time, the legal, regulatory and cultural environment for foreign investment and other business activity in many of these markets remains complex and challenging. Another prominent theme throughout Asia is the emerging global importance of Asian multinational companies and state-owned enterprises, and the impact of their activities across a broad range of practice areas. In addition, with the increasing globalization of these economies and the economic changes that are occurring throughout Southeast Asia, there have been dramatic social and political developments that are having an impact on how these jurisdictions deal with existing laws and introduce new laws.


This conference will be of significant relevance to anyone having an interest in this dynamic and rapidly-expanding part of the global economy. A diverse selection of prominent panelists and speakers will analyze the relevant legal regimes and practices in the region. The conference is relevant for both experienced practitioners who wish to learn about current developments in Southeast Asia, as well as newcomers to this exciting area of international practice.


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