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Appeal for Suspension of Executions

July 28, 2009
Japan Federation of Bar Associations

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About this Appeal

The Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) prepared the "Appeal for Suspension of Executions" and submitted it to the Minister of Justice on July 28, 2009.



The JFBA appeals as following for the purpose of avoiding wrongful executions of death row inmates whose sentences have been finalized:


  1. to immediately reconsider the system on at least the four points listed below.
    (1) to establish the right to a reappraisal of the evidence utilizing more reliable scientific methods
    (2) to guarantee confidential communication between death row inmates and their attorneys, etc.
    (3) to provide court-appointed attorneys for retrial appeals
    (4) to establish the suspensive effect of requests for retrial
  2. to suspend executions for an indefinite period of time until problems surrounding the death penalty system including those above are thoroughly reviewed.


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