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Japan Federation of Bar Associations

President’s Message

Tadashi ARA, President of the JFBA


Welcome to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations ("JFBA").

News Release
2020/01/31 Comment in Protest of the Search Conducted at a Law Office
2020/01/30 2020 GJB Seminar ~Updates on Amendment to GJB Law and Guidance on Naming and Labeling of GJB Office~
2019/11/21 Opinion Concerning Concrete Matters and Measures to Be Incorporated into the National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights
2019/10/29 Anti Money Laundering Measures-Verification of Client Identity-
2019/10/15 Opinion Calling for the Cessation of Using Handcuffs and Waist Ropes on Suspects or Defendants While Entering and Leaving the Courtroom in Criminal Trials
Basic Propositions on Abolition of the Death Penalty and on Introducing Alternative Punishment and Instituting a Judicial Proceeding System for Commutation
2019/10/04 Resolution Calling for the Immediate Amendment of the Code of Criminal Procedure Part IV to Urgently Rescue Victims Who Have Suffered a Miscarriage of Justice
Resolution Requesting the Implementation of an Individual Complaints Procedure and the Establishment of a National Human Rights Institution
Declaration Calling for the Establishment of the Right to Have the Assistance of Counsel: Counsel’s Presence at Interrogation Changes the Criminal Justice System
2019/09/12 Principles on the Support for Pro Se Litigants in the Context of Digitization of Civil Court Proceedings
2019/08/08 Statement on the death incident of the detainee in the Immigration Center and re-detention
JFBA signed the following declaration, resolution and proposals at the G7 Bars Meeting held in Paris, France, on July 11 and July 12, 2019.
2019/08/02 Statement Strongly Protesting Today’s Executions and Calling for an Immediate Moratorium and the Abolition of the Death Penalty by 2020
2019/07/18 Grand Design of International Strategy
2019/06/21 Draft of the outline for legislation of the Acts reflecting the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration with amendments as adopted in 2006

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