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Japan Federation of Bar Associations

President’s Message

Motoji Kobayashi, President of the JFBA


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

My name is Motoji Kobayashi, and I have recently been elected as the new President of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations (JFBA) at the election held on February 4, 2022. It is my great pleasure and honor to serve you in this capacity during my two-year tenure starting on April 1, 2022. I look forward to being enlightened by your insights and advice.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine launched on February 24 shook the whole world. Many civilians have been killed or wounded. The JFBA condemns in the strongest terms Russia for a breach of the UN Charter and its invasion of a sovereign state with military force, and calls for Russian troops’ withdrawal as soon as possible as well as a peaceful settlement.

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News Release
2022/03/18 Opinion Calling for Review of the Status of Forces Agreement between Japan and the United States and Improvement to the Framework for Its Implementation in Relation to Quarantine, in Light of the Increase in COVID-19 Infection at U.S. Military Bases
Free Legal Consultation for Foreign Residents in the COVID-19 Pandemic
2022/03/04 President’s Statement Strongly Protesting the Russian Federation’s Military Invasion of Ukraine
2022/01/26 Symposium on Realizing the Access to Remedy in Japan – The 1st year anniversary of the Japan's National Action Plan on Business and Human Rights
2021/12/06 Response to the call for inputs on protection of lawyers by the UN Special Rapporteur on the Independence of Judges and Lawyers
2021/12/02 Letter of Request Seeking the Abolition of the Death Penalty System
2021/10/15 Resolution Calling to Establish the Dignity of Individuals with Cognitive Impairment
2021/10/07 White Paper on Attorneys 2020
2021/09/17 Proposal Calling to Enact a Basic Act on the Rights of the Child
2021/09/16 Opinion on Statutory Regulations on the Use of Facial Recognition Systems by Public and Private Sector Organizations and Incorporated Administrative Agencies
2021/08/19 Opinion on the Introduction of a Discretional Separate-surname Retaining System
2021/07/16 Statement Calling Once Again to Abolish the Death Penalty in Japan on the Occasion of the Announcement of a Moratorium on U.S. Federal Executions
2021/06/25 Statement Calling to Amend Article 750 of the Civil Code to Introduce a Discretional Separate-surname Retaining System on the Occasion of the Pronouncement of Ruling by the Supreme Court’s Grand Bench
2021/06/18 Opinion on Achieving Decarbonization by 2050 without Dependence on Nuclear Energy
2021/06/16 Statement on the Supreme Court Decision that Finds Non-Disclosure of Medical Records by Tokyo Detention Center Illegal

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