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Japan Federation of Bar Associations

President’s Message

Susumu Murakoshi

Welcome to the Japan Federation of Bar Associations ("JFBA").

Attorneys in Japan and the JFBA have some characteristics from a global perspective.

First of all, we put great value in protecting human rights. The Attorney Act in Japan stipulates that an attorney is entrusted with the mission of “protecting fundamental human rights and achieving social justice.” It is stipulated in the JFBA Articles of Association that “this Federation shall be the source of protection of fundamental human rights and the realization of social justice.” The JFBA and its member attorneys are engaged in a wide range of activities protecting human rights and promoting the public interest, spending considerable amounts of time, effort, and financial resources. Further, it is not uncommon for the JFBA, from this position, to make proposals for, and provide a critique of the legislative activities in the Diet and government policies.

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News Release
2015/09/19 Statement Protesting the Enactment of the Bills to Revise Japan's National Security Policies (Summary)
2015/08/07 President’s Statement Marking Seventy Years Since the End of World War II (Summary)
2015/07/24 Statement Expressing Concern with the Taking of a Group of Lawyers in China and Calling for the Guarantee, etc. of Lawyers’ Practice
2015/06/30 Statement Concerning “Further Promotion of Systemic Reform in the Fostering of Legal Professionals” (Summary)
2015/06/26 White Paper on Attorneys 2014
2015/06/18 Opinion Concerning the Bills to Revise National Security Policies
2015/05/21 Statement concerning the Ideal Number of Legal Professionals drafted by the Office for the Promotion of Systemic Reform in the Fostering of Legal Professionals (Summary)
2015/05/14 Statement Opposing the Bills to Revise National Security Policies (Summary)
2015/05/07 Opinion Calling for Prompt Policies and Measures to be Taken toward the Eradication of Discrimination due to Race and Other Factors (Summary)
2015/04/06 Statement Opposing the “Bill to Amend Part of the Labor Standards Act, etc.” to Deregulate the Work-Hour Regulations (Summary)
2015/03/18 Statement concerning the “Bill to Amend the Code of Criminal Procedure, etc.” which includes Mandatory Transparency in Interrogations, etc.
2015/03/11 Statement Marking the Fourth Anniversary of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and the Subsequent Fukushima No.1 Nuclear Power Plant Accident
2015/02/27 Summary of the JFBA Statement Calling for Deliberations concerning the Labor Policy in accordance with the Tripartite Structure Principles
2015/02/16 Ms. Yoko Hayashi (Daini Tokyo Bar Association) was appointed to serve as a chairperson of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).
2015/02/13 Summary of the JFBA Statement Concerning the Monitoring Function of the Diet Regarding the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets

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