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Japan Federation of Bar Associations
News Release
2014/03/14 Promotion of the Use of “Suspect’s Notes” - Towards the Realization of Transparent Interrogations
2014/01/01 New Year's Message
JFBA Brief Note – The Future of the Act on the Protection of Specially Designated Secrets (Towards a Full-scale Review of the Act)
2013/11/15 Statement Opposing the Special Secrets Bill and Calling for a Full-Scale Review on the System for a Protection of Secrecy Law in Accordance with the Tshwane Principles
2013/11/12 A conference co-presented by the IBA and the JFBA, supported by the IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum
2013/10/08 Japan Night -IBA Annual Conference in 2013 Hosted by Japan Federation of Bar Associations
2013/09/12 Statement Protesting Execution of the Death Penalty and Reiterating our Request for the Suspension of Executions and the Launch of a Nationwide Debate on the Abolition of the Death Penalty
2013/09/06 The Third Japan-Korea Bar Leaders Conference Held in Gyeongju, Korea (September 6 - 8, 2013)
2013/08/01 The Launch of a JFBA Comprehensive Center for Continuing Legal Education
2013/07/18 Opinion Concerning Proposal for Legislation Regarding Court Interpreters
2013/07/12 Three-Bar Meeting; CCBE, ACLA and JFBA held in Athens on July 12-13
2013/07/01 From Front Line of Supporting Foreigners - A Visit to Tokyo Public Law Office Mita Branch
2013/06/27 Statement Concerning the “Report of the Study Council for the Professional Legal Training System”
2013/06/10 POLA (The Conference of the Presidents of Law Associations in Asia) held in Tokyo on June 10-12, 2013 - More Powerful Linkage of Lawyers in Our Region
2013/05/31 64th JFBA General Meeting - Resolution Opposing the Approval of Exercising the Right to Collective Self-Defense

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